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Victor Senior Loudspeaker
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The Victor range of Loudspeakers were launched in 1954 with the “Senior” model. They were very well received, with glowing test reports in the Gramophone. They were shown to the public in 1955, and still featured in Gordon J King’s essential read, “The Practical Hi-Fi Handbook” in 1959.

Despite their wonderfully rich sound, they were quickly eclipsed by Quad, who released their seminal ESL-57 electrostatics in 1957.

I am lucky enough to have a “Senior” and a “Junior” and they sound fine with valve amplifiers of the period, especially the Senior. But they are quite bass-heavy and the dispersion is not very good.

The Senior has a huge bass driver - a 15” unit with a 6” magnet, rated at 15W, using a foam surround to the cone. (Pamphonic sometimes used the fabled “Tannoy Silver Monitor 15” but mine is not, as far as I can see). The Senior uses a smaller, eliptical treble speaker, top-mounted. An expanded gold-coloured metal mesh covers the entire front, with more over the tweeter hole in the top

The Senior has a side-mounted knob controlling five switched resistors in series with the tweeter to vary the levels of treble.

Construction is massive, using 14-ply wood for the carcase and castor feet underneath (essential given the weight).

Warning: the input connectors are identical to 2-pin mains connectors of the period, so take care not to connect to the wrong cable!

Victor Senior

Victor Senior & Junior

Victor Senior Treble Control

Victor Senior Main driver

Victor Senior 15" Driver






Victor Senior Nameplate

Victor Senior Connector

Victor Senior Wheeled Base

Victor Senior Treble Switch

Victor Senior 15" driver, 6" magnet






Victor Senior Bass Crossover

Victor Senior Crossover Capacitor

Victor Senior Felt/Horsehair

Victor Senior Logo







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