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Pre-War 1931-1939
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Pamphonic started out making mainly large amplifiers and loudspeakers, plus associated record decks and microphones, for London theatres and stadiums. Also very expensive custom-built HiFi systems for the aristocracy!

They were initially prevented by the registration authorities from calling the equipment “Pamphonic” and had to make do with “Paramphonic” for a short while.

Known Models:

    Pamphonic Reproducer - 1931

    Baby Pamphonic reproducer - 1932

    Senior Paramphonic Reproducer - 1932

    Junior Paramphonic Reproducer - 1932

    500 Series Public Address Equipment (see “Timeline” and 1939 Catalogue below)


Post-War ...

Radio catalog: more than 163 000 radios with   275 000 pictures and 260 000 schematics  plus radio forum.