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Pamphonic Products
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The Pamphonic equipment listings have been broken down into Periods and Equipment Types.

Pre-war (1931 - 1939)

Mainly large amplifiers and loudspeakers, plus associated record decks and microphones, for London theatres and stadiums. They also supplied custom-built Hi-Fi systems to the aristocracy!

Post-war (1945-1955)

A range of smaller Hi-Fi equipment, often in rather smart veneered cabinets. Neat all-in-one gramophone packages. More large Public Address equipment. The first high-end home Hi-Fi equipment to compete with Leak and Quad.

The Pye Years (1955 - 1965)

More consumer equipment, diversification into shakers and commodity Hi-Fi. The first integrated stereo amplifier, the first stereo record-player and the first Transistor Radio!

PAM Televisions

Early televisions were sold from 1951 under the Pamphonic brand but this soon changed to “Pam”. The models were targeted at the upper end of the market and dealers seemed to like them.

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