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Pamphonic Origins
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Pamphonic Reproducers Limited was founded by Paul Harvard Taylor and Edgar Lavington in 1932. Aged just 24, they had just left Faraday House, the leading electronics college in London.Placeholder  Image

Pamphonic Reproducers Ltd was founded in the garage of Paul Taylor’s mother at 56 Albert Road (the road name subsequently changed to Prince Albert Road, Regent’s Park), London in 1932. (The original company name was Zenith Sound Reproduction Co. before the change of name to Pamphonic).

Placeholder  ImageThe Faraday House Old Boys magazine dated Lent Term 1932 announces that Paul Taylor and Edgar Lavington had invented a new amazing amplifier, “equivalent in power to 3,000 voices”, and by the Summer Term of 1933 they were reported to be seriously in business and to have installed the world’s most powerful reproducer of sound at the White City Stadium.


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