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607 Table Radio
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Manufactured in 1947, based on what looks like a version of a Pye 15A radio chassis, painted in trademark Pamphonic red. Using a 200-240V AC-only power supply.

Modifications from standard Pye 15A: Red sprayed chassis, frame antenna connected via sockets on the left-hand side, no Pye brand and fewer colours on the dial glass.

Burr Walnut veneer cabinet with closing bow-fronted doors and a fine quartered walnut top.

Valve line-up: ECH35, EF39, EBL31, AZ31.

Lack of an RF amplification stage makes the receiver fairly insensitive without an external antenna. Good sound through large internal field-coil speaker

The IF transformer cores are very fragile and liable to fracture when disturbed.

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Pamphonic 607 Table Radio - 1949

607 Tuner section - unrestored

607 Table Radio - inside

Pamphonic 607 Radio Fully Restored





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