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TB60 Portable Radio
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Early Transistor radio, manufactured 1959/1960. Another Pye-originated radio released under the Pam brand. Clearly shares its insides with the Pye “Slim Six” (Model P128B), but in a completely different case. Still uses Pye-manufactured transistors as in the Pam 710 but of higher specification.

Tuning was 183-555 metres (Medium Wave) and a fully tunable Long Wave including 1500m for the BBC Light Programme. (The Pye equivalent had only a single 1500m preset)

It used the then fairly new PP9 battery instead of the 6V U11 of previous transistor sets.

Transistor line-up: V6/R4M, V6/R2, V6/R2, V10/50B, V10/50B, V10/50B. Push-pull output with a conventional output transformer.

(The equivalent Mullard transistors would be OC44, OC45, OC45, OC71, OC72, OC72).

This set, to which I can find no reference elsewhere, was purchased for 12 in an auction and worked perfectly on switch-on. Not bad for an early design now well over 50 years old, and apparently never repaired!

The PP9 is not original. It uses a printed replica sleeve over a modern battery.

For service information, get the Pye P128B sheets from Paul Stenning

Pam TB60 Front

Pam TB60 Front

Pam TB160 Inside

Pam TB60 Inside





Pam TB60 Closeup Inside

Pam TB160 Rear with Lid

Pam TB160 Rear




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