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Edgar Lavington History


Pre-War 1931-1939
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Between 1931 and 1939 Paul Taylor and Edgar Lavington developed high fidelity sound systems which were installed in the palaces of many of Europe’s Kings and Heads of State, stately homes, ships, London theatres, (like Drury Lane for Noel Coward’s “Cavalcade”), Ivagh Castle in Ireland (home of the Guinness family), Arundel Castle, Sledmere House, White City Stadium, Shakespeare’s Theatre at Stratford, and many other prestigious locations.

The reviewer in the Gramophone (December 1931) commented “What struck me particularly ... was the unusual purity of tone in orchestral records controlled from a whisper up to Queens Hall volume”.

The “Reproducer” was a great success and “...met with an enthusiastic reception from expert technicians, the entertainment industry and the music-loving public alike” (Industrial World May 1932)

Sadly, we can find no trace of any of these pre-war installations.



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