Pam Prowse 1932 002

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610 Record Reproducer
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Introduced around 1956, a neat “reproducer” - eg amplifier and deck. Very modern-looking for its time, but quite bulky. 78/45/33 rpm.Pam 610a

Fitted with a nice quality Collaro AC3/534 deck. Crystal “turnover” cartridge with saphire stylus.

Uses an unusual mixture of an ECC83 (6V heater, B9A) valve with a pair of UL41 in push-pull and a UY41 rectifier (series heater B8 rimlock). The push-pull output through the 8” loudspeaker would have given good sound quality and levels.

However, a price of 37gns may have deterred all but well-heeled purchasers!

PDF of Original Brochure

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